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14 February 2019 @ 01:20 am

I always love to meet new people, just drop me a line, and I'll most likely add you back.
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07 May 2010 @ 09:06 pm
Brady Bunch Seasons Smiles Drama B&W + 1
Dear Diary... Not 100x100 Enemies Texture Trio

CATEGORY - Directions
Up Left Center Right Down

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28 April 2010 @ 09:46 pm

This is my third claim for fandom365days
(yeah...a third one *facepalms*)
True Blood
CLAIM: Eric/Godric

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25 April 2010 @ 09:19 pm
This is my second claim for fandom365days.

CLAIM: Sam Winchester

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25 April 2010 @ 09:17 pm
This is my first claim for fandom365days.

CLAIM: The Entire Show

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12 April 2010 @ 01:11 am
 Well, it just seems like a promoting kind of time. 


Click the banner to be taken to the site to go play and have fun with other True Blood fanatics.

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11 April 2010 @ 02:51 am
Do you love the Percy Jackson books, or have seen the movie and fallen in love? Well come play with the characters over at olympusland 



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16 February 2010 @ 01:49 am
5 Drabbles
Rated: NC-17
Fandoms: Merlin, Supernatural (AU)
Written For: ms_mccoy  over at impala_n_wings ....again.... 

Merlin had sworn to her that he would always love her, would always be with her, would always stand by her, but as soon as Arthur opened up his baby blues Merlin had skipped away to his king without a backwards glance, and Lucy was left again with a broken heart brought on by another. Shaking in the shadows she watched as her wizard embraced the man who had betrayed him all those years ago, as if nothing had happened. Smiling the smile that had felt like it only belonged to her, feeling what was left of the heart resting in her breast shattering into a million separate pieces. A lone, glittering tear fell down her cheek before she disappeared in a rush of light and feathers, a storm following in her wake. 

Lucy Dies!Fic
Holding her tight in his arms he had to watch as yet another person that he had loved died in front of his eyes, unable, with all of the power at his disposal, to stop it. The first time it had happened had ruined him, this time, broke him. The wizard's eyes turned fully gold as he allowed the magic flowing within him to gain control of his mind and body, giving up the fight that had been raging within him for centuries, not caring about the consequences. Screaming out his pain and love his magic was unleashed from his body in a maelstorm, turning everything within a mile of their bodies into ash, the only thing left being a broken wizard and an empty vessel.

Harry Potter Crossover
Headmaster Merlin considered the witch sitting before him, steepling his fingers like he had seen the portraits scattered about his office do. They had lost their last Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher last week due to an unfortunate mishap with a boggart, the teacher choosing to rather elope with the creature, rather then stay at Hogwarts and continue to teach the class. She had been the first person to come by and ask for the job, so Merlin had been called in to take over the interviewing part of the application.

'So you're an Auror?' Instead of answering his question, the woman lent forward in her chair, her robes falling open at the front to shop a glimpse of red underneath all of the black.

'You should really think about investing in a new beard. You can almost see the string wrapped around your neck.' A red manicured nail pointed at the string he had tried to hide in the collar of his robes, causing him to blush behind the bushy beard.

'They said it would make me look more distinguished...' Frowning he untied the string from behind his neck and threw the fake beard somewhere behind him, silently glad to be rid of the disgusting thing. He couldn't remember how many meals he had lost to it, losing count after the first hundred times.

'You look twelve.' Arching an eyebrow she sat back in her chair and considered the wizard in front of her, unable to quite believe that he was the strongest wizard ever to live.

'Look do you want the position or not?' Merlin's eyebrow twitched as he took in her silent laughter, clenching his jaw, knowing that his eyes had taken on a slight gold tinge.

Leaning forward again in her chair she hungrily looked over Merlin, 'That and more.' Sputtering Merlin gave her the job and threw her out of his office, groaning into his hands. This was going to be a long year.

Star Trek Crossover

Protective Little Bro!Castiel
Merlin and Castiel stared at each other, the wizard intentionally mimicking the angel's head tilt, he couldn't help but let a grin curl around his lips as Cas tried to act tough with him. 

'You will not hurt Lucifer.' Cas puffed himself up, all but bringing out his wings to try and intimidate the wizard. Merlin just laughed out right, and clapped the bewildered angel on the shoulder.

'Mate, Luce is more likely to hurt me then the other way round.' Walking away, still laughing, he left Castiel in confused silence, wondering why his usual method of intimidation hadn't worked out on the wizard. He'd have to practice his 'angry faces' in the mirror like Sam had suggested to him before. He was tired of looking like a lost puppy, as everyone kept referring to himself as. Stomping away he tried to find the nearest mirror with which to practice with, ignoring the wizard's laughter still ringing through the air.
14 February 2010 @ 02:30 am
10 Drabbles
Rated: NC-17
Fandoms: Merlin, Supernatural (AU)
Written For: ms_mccoy over at impala_n_wings 


'No, no. You hold the whip like this Linlin.' She grasped Merlin's hands, twisting his hand in her own as she showed him how to use a whip properly. It had at first started out as a tour of Hell, the immortal Merlin never having had a chance to see it, and had ended up in a lesson over the finer uses of torture tools. The wizard had refused to test them out on any souls, so Lucy brought one of her lower demons to try them out on.
'When this is over I'm going to show you how to use a sword.' Lucy just let out a snort at that before returning to showing Merlin the finer uses of an icepick.

'You've got to stick your arm out.' Merlin demonstrated the maneuver with his arm, gesturing for Lucy to do the same.
'What for?' She kept her arms crossed over her chest, glaring at the wizard in front of her.
'Effect.' He flapped his arms about, knowing that he looked ridiculous, but not really caring. He was trying to show Lucy some of the finer points of spellcasting but she wasn't having any of it. Grinning he reached out and grabbed her hands in his, waving them about, eliciting the rare laugh to escape her lips. 'That's my girl.'
'I'm not your girl!' Smacking Merlin over the head she walked away, but he could see her give out a slight flail of her arms as she went.

Lucy paced back and forth in the darkened room, skirts flaring out behind her as she went, shouting, 'My life is a living hell!'
Merlin sat back in his chair, watching her from across the room, with a goblet in his hand. 'It's just the Middle Ages.'
'The Middle Ages were Hell. Why do you think these meatba-humans evolved and created wonderful things like electricity and indoor plumbing?' Rounding off her last spin she turned to Merlin, placing her hands on her hips as she stared the sorcerer down.
'Boredom?' Merlin's lack of response sent her off again, twirling down the castle's corridors to find some unfortunate servant to belittle.

Lucy glared down at the outfit Merlin donned as soon as she had transported them here. All the power in the known world at his fingertips and he chose that to wear? They'd have to work on that later. 'So are these blue and red scarves a fashion statement?'

Glancing up from tying the scarf around his neck he just grinned. 'It's the only way to go.' Reaching behind him he brought out an extra scarf before walking over and tying it around Lucy's neck before she got a chance to object. Ripping it off she stormed away from him, leaving to wander through the marketplace, muttering something about stupid meatbags and their fashion statements. Later though, Merlin caught out of the corner of his eye a glimpse of red fabric tied around her wrist, causing him to grin brightly and remember to bring home a few extras to slip in between her designer ones.

Glowing orbs circle the pair of beings, touching softly, caressing. Moving through the air they spelled out words in languages neither of them understood, too busy watching each other stumble through the dance movements.
'No, no, Lulu. Hop, Skip then twirl.'
'Be quiet, Linlin. I know what I'm doing, I've been around a lot longer then you have.'
'Yeah, but you spent all that time downstairs, I spent it being taught how to dance by the best.' Reaching out a hand he bowed down low, waiting for Lucy to put her hand in his, twirling her in closer at the movement and smiling down at her. The orbs spread out further lighting the dancing couple's way as they moved over the water, footsteps barely bothering the liquid as they went.

Merlin reached up to run a finger over the darkened wing protruding from Lucy's, unable to stop himself. 'Huh, they're softer than a Gryphon's wing.'
'Shut up, Linlin!' Smacking Merlin away from her wings she turned around, but not before Merlin grabbed he outstretched hand, lacing it with his own.
'Take me flying.'
'You're not serious.' Lucy searched the wizard's face, before clasping his biceps and shooting into the air,  leaving the ground behind them in a rush of leaves and dust. 

'A butan ende' Merlin whispered softly, Lucy shuddering underneath him. Moving down her chest he whispered meaningless syllables against her skin, still unable to believe he had found the one being in the universe who understood the words he whispered. Letting loose a few magical syllables in between the nonsensical ones they immediately appeared in his bed surrounded by candles. Glancing up at their surroundings he grinned down at Lucy, 'Well that's fortunate.' Rolling her eyes she grabbed his head and pulled him back down to her letting out a few of her own words beneath him, leaving the both of them panting and wanting more.  Reaching a hand up he caressed the side of her face, saying with conviction, 'A butan ende.' Her eyes fluttering closed in response, pulling him back down to her in a fierce kiss that would last for eternity. (always, forever, eternally)

Blazing gold shone over the carnage, hand outstretched towards her. Somewhere deep down he had known it would come down to this. Merlin would always be on the side of those being destroyed and she would be on the side of the destroyers. Especially when Arthur rose from Avalon and was reincarnated he knew their time together would come to an end, he just wish they never would have had to meet on the battlefield. Staring deep into her eyes, even so far away he would always be able to know what she was thinking, feeling, saying; he waited. He wasn't going to be the first to strike, and if that meant giving Lucifer the upper hand then so be it. He watched as she reached up a hand in imitation to him, a silver tear falling down her cheek before she uttered words he had taught her himself and all he saw was black.

'We will always be together in Avalon.' Soft kisses fall upon the broken Lucifer, Merlin holding her head in his lap as she watched the newly found emotions flit over her face. The fall had come as a shock to both of them, Lucy, so used to being too powerful that no one would dare steal her grace, Merlin, unable to believe that someone could bring his powerful Lucifer down with just a touch. Pulling her closer to him he held her as she let fall the tears that had been begging to come out, unable to deal with the loss of her grace. Frowning he vowed to get whoever did this to his magnificent angel, and make them pay for what they did. For now he would take Lucy to where she would be safe, and never die, for the faeries would never think to deny him anything. Bending down he whispered into her hair, 'Always Luce, always.'

'These are faeries? I like the ones clubbing better.' Merlin just rolled his eyes as the faeries surrounded him shouting out their hellos and keeping a wide birth around Lucy. Holding out a hand one of the larger faeries touched down and began to whisper to him all that had happened in his absence. Lucy stood to the side staring bewildered at the difference between Avalon and Heaven, whereas Heaven was filled with light and music, Avalon was a much more earthy realm, creatures of all different types wandering about. One flitted down to hover in front of her face,  waving a hand in hello. Reaching a hand up she waited for the faerie lit upon it, a small shock of energy flowing from it to her. 'Well...maybe you're not all so bad.'

Ignoring Merlin's chuckle she allowed him to grasp her hand and pull her further into Avalon, the faerie seated upon her shoulder, holding on by a few strands of her hair as they went.
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14 February 2010 @ 01:39 am
This was made for a challenge over at legendland from the lovable and persistent pushing I received from sourpony I actually finished it! \o/ So enjoy and feel free to comment on it ^-^


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